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Electronic Publishing NETwork ‘EPNET’. Our prices start at only R5,700 per hour. We’re a South African digital media agency, providing fresh, creative digital services to businesses who want to grow online. Focusing on results, we use our 22 years of Internet technical skill and industry insight to help you meet your digital goals. 2019 was our 21st year in business.

Originally born out of 17 years in the advertising industry knowledgeable in television commercial production, all above the line, below the line, web design, SEO and social strategies no web undertaking is beyond our grasp. We shoot for the stars and are xStreamists in everything that we do. Working across a wide variety of industries & technologies ensures that Epnet Live are constantly innovating, and striving for new ways of doing things. We work very hard to get the job done promptly, on budget and with as much creativity as our clients expect. 

What we do

Live Streaming from South Africa

Clients today get very excited if you can offer them live web streaming as it gives them the opportunity to show their event, as it happens, from anywhere in South Africa to everywhere in the world. Whether a business conference or wedding not everyone can attend the event due to time or cost so watching it as it takes place over the Internet has become the cheapest and easiest way to overcome these problems. We can supplement services to customers by adding the technology at any event you are planning to do. The ability to live broadcast video around the world has been valued for decades. That’s what television is all about, after all! Until recently, however, only a few had the power or ability to do so. With online live streaming, that’s all changed. More individuals, organizations, and businesses are getting into live video thanks to the power of the internet.


Multimedia Company

Live online video has emerged as an engagement tool for businesses looking to cut through the clutter of communicating with internal and external audiences. It is now common place to see companies doing streams of launches and announcements on the internet, but we have moved into a new phase where live video isn’t just being used as a passive instrument. Businesses now recognise that streaming can be the linchpin of a fully integrated campaign and are using video to provide richer forms of customer engagement and transform best practices in corporate outreach.

Stream over your favourite social media platforms

Now that the worlds of Facebook and Twitter have evolved into up to the second mediums for information, entertainment, video, and images it’s time that we got you acquainted with the benefits of live streaming on social media. Epnet makes it easy to broadcast your content to all of your social media acquaintances. We supply you with a URL-like code that you can embed right onto your Facebook wall or Twitter Status. Directly to YouTube, your own website or one of ours designed for you.

Streaming over Social media platforms Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

A live streaming service which streams over a real CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Whether you are broadcasting for 10 viewers or 10,000 viewers, it’s always nice to have your content flow over a CDN. A Content Delivery Network allows the streams to be broadcast over entire networks across the globe effortlessly and maybe most importantly won’t allow servers to clog with traffic. Not a lot of live streaming providers will come with a professional CDN at a reasonable pricing point. With some professional services you have to have your own contract with a CDN and the cost will become too burdensome.

Oh, did we mention that Epnet comes bundled with a CDN? Not just any CDN either, Akamai Technologies. They also power some of the largest companies in the world like Facebook and Apple. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them? Now you get a CDN with your live streaming service for a fraction of what it would cost separately.


Recent comments from client’s.
Just another thank you for ensuring that the Du Plessis and related families were able to all be a part of the service yesterday.
It was absolute fantastic thank you. The family in Canada, Japan, Germany and Namibia were extremely impressed with the experience and the sound.
We watched the live event from Stellenbosch and it was really so special. Thanks for bringing family and friends from across the world together to experience oupas memorial. The camera work was so well done it really felt as if we were there.