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Autodesk Tom Wujec

Epnet Live Streaming Autodesk Tom Wujec Live Cape Town

Exploring emerging technologies. AI machine learning. Behind the scenes research explore machine learning our relationship with technology and interacting with technology. Gain insight and inspiration to help you prepare for the future of making things

Keynote speaker: Tom Wujec

Tom Wujec is an Autodesk Fellow, a master facilitator, a popular TED speaker, and a best-selling author on design, creativity, and innovation. At Autodesk, a global software company, Tom charts long-term business strategy, identifies emerging technologies and helps organizations incorporate emerging technologies to foster innovation. As a master facilitator, Tom helps Fortune 500 organizations solve their Wicked Problems. Tom is a popular TED speaker and has delivered several talks on wide-ranging topics now viewed over 10 million times. He has written and edited six books, including the Future of Making and Wicked Problem Solving and Pumping Ions published in 22 countries.

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