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PC Video Live Streaming Encoder

Live streaming video encoder for sale

Live streaming Video Encoder all the equipment you need to go live in one PC!

Everything you need for live streaming in one box – you supply the camera that’s all.

Includes Windows 10 and vMix software. Can be used for broadcast to YouTube or Facebook or anywhere else! Professional streaming for business conferences, churches, or anywhere that you need for a HD high quality stream.

  • Powerful FAST Gaming Motherboard
  • HDMI or SDI Camera Inputs
  • Live Streaming & Recording
  • Graphics / Overlays / Videos / PowerPoint
  • Incorporate Skype video from remote speaker
  • Output to projectors, LED boards, big screen TV’s
  • Includes vMix HD license, vMix is the best Video Mixer and Switcher and is the complete live video production software solution.
  • Includes NDI for video/audio transport to/from other PC’s


The EpnetLive Streaming PC powered by vMix is a live video production system packed into a desktop computer. With the built in award-winning vMix software, this system can be used to power your entire production with 1 camera switching, or attach a video mixer, streaming, and recording in stunning 1080 video. Can be used for Worship, Conferences or anywhere a Streaming PC is required. Based on the vMix Software System specifications. Supplied with two network ports and WiFi wireless adapter.

One Camera Video Input
One input can be used for one camera or a feed  from a video mixer
One HDMI or one SDI inputs (you get both options) at up to 1080p can be used with different brands/models of cameras. Since HDMI is a common camera connection, virtually any consumer or prosumer camera/camcorder can be used. Since this input is all on one internal computer card (PCIe), space for other cards is available as your needs change.One SDI Camera Inputs SDI inputs at up to 1080p can be used with higher end, professional-level cameras providing excellent video quality and long cable runs (90+ metres). The video signal from HDMI cameras can converted to SDI at the camera and SDI cables used. Converters include the Blackmagic Micro Converter (Extra R2,200.00).

Live Streaming & Recording
You can live stream your video at several resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p, and lower) to up to three different locations like YouTube, Facebook, Dacast, etc. One button streaming is available currently for 16 different CDN’s. You can record your video in various formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG and others at up to 1080p resolution.

Graphics / Overlays / Videos / PowerPoint
You can incorporate graphics like lower thirds, song lyrics, scripture verses, announcements and more into your video production using built-in graphics in vMix or make and add your own using software like Photoshop or Paintbrush Pro. Some graphics can be used as overlays and easily added to a production. Videos can be easily included in the production along with PowerPoint slides.

Incorporate Screen and Desktop from a 2nd Networked PC
Song lyrics or other materials can be added to the production from a remote PC on the same network using the exclusive vMix Desktop Capture application (included).

Incorporate Skype/Zoom video from remote speaker
Video and audio from Skype or Zoom can be included to bring a remote guest speaker into the production.

Output to projectors, LED boards, big screen TV’s
The production output can be routed to other PC’s on the same network. The same output can be displayed on projectors, LED boards and TV’s. The full production including audio can be sent to remote remote TV’s with additional equipment.

Includes vMix HD license
The EpnetLive Streaming PC includes a permanent license to vMix HD live production software. Unlimited technical support is included. Free upgrades for one year are included. Upgrades after one year are R1,200.00.

Includes NDI for video/audio transport to/from other PC’s
NDI (Network Device Interface) is a protocol that allows HD video and audio to be transported over a Gigabit network to any other PC on the network. So, cameras or microphones attached to remote PC’s can be brought in as part of a live production. Additionally, the live video output can be sent via NDI to other PC’s on the same network whether in the next room or the next city so long as they are on the same network.

PC Specifications
1TB HDD for storage, 8GB RAM, power supply, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 4GB video card (or equivalent), Windows 10 Pro, DVD burner. Quiet fans: PSU, GPU & case fans are less than 55db.

The EpnetLive Streaming PC has a one-years parts & labour warranty on the PC, unlimited tech support for one year, and free vMix updates for one year.


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