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Lack of transparency in City Council and Rural Planning Committee meetings

Many local state and city governments would like to be more transparent with their citizens. One way to accomplish this is to make meeting or committee sessions easily accessible to them over the Internet. Being able to access these sessions via live or on-demand streaming will make it convenient for citizens to become more aware and involved with the political process, and informed of current affairs. For local governments, streaming may be a viable alternative to broadcasting on public access or local television.

The importance of live streaming City Council Meetings

The world has discovered the importance of live web streaming in this article we cover instances where many Municipalities should take advantage of it from around the world. South Africa local council should take advantage of the concept of live streaming so that many more people understand the progress of what work and planning is taking place. It is proof of action being taken in local municipalities.

The following video may show why municipalities & the government is ashamed by what goes on at these meetings?

Lack of Transparency of Service Delivery in South Africa

We are able to provide services for live streaming services to Municipalities please contact us.
City Council meetings and Urban Planning Committee meetings that can be streamed in South Africa include:

  • Municipal Meetings
  • Audit & Finance Committee Meeting
  • Committee Awards
  • Committees, Commissions, Boards
  • Core Services Review Information
  • Council Agendas and Minutes
  • Council Meeting Summary
  • Council Meetings – Live Video
  • Council Policies
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Governance Review Information
  • Grant Committees
  • In Camera Release of Information
  • In Conversation with the Mayor
  • Letters Patent and Orders in Council
  • Public Hearings
  • Mayor and Council
  • Housing Planning and services

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