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Hosting Live streaming Servers South Africa

Public Affairs Research Institute PARI Live Stream State capture in South Africa, Angola, Nigeria, activists, speak out. Example of state capture in African countries. “At the 2018 conference under the title State Capture and its Aftermath hosted by the Public Affairs Research Institute, Mr John Githongo, a prominent anti-corruption activist from Kenya, described the “usual suspects” in state capture. One category of persons he singled out as responsible in furthering the state capture project was “private actors in the service industry” – the people who “design the architecture” that enable corruption by bankers, lawyers, and accountants. This category of persons, he warned, are often not held to account in the same way as other actors.

Whether you are broadcasting for 10 viewers or 10,000 viewers, it’s always nice to have your content flow over a CDN. A Content Delivery Network allows the streams to be broadcast over entire networks across the globe effortlessly and maybe most importantly won’t allow servers to clog with traffic. Not a lot of live streaming providers will come with a CDN at a reasonable pricing point. With some professional services you have to have your own contract with a CDN and the cost will become too burdensome.

Oh, did we mention that Epnet comes bundled with a CDN? Not just any CDN either, Akamai Technologies. They also power some of the largest companies in the world like Facebook and Apple. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them? Now you get a CDN with your live streaming service for a fraction of what it would cost separately.

Stream over your favourite social media platforms

Now that the worlds of Facebook and Twitter have evolved into up to the second mediums for information, entertainment, video, and images it’s time that we got you acquainted with the benefits of live streaming on social media. Epnet makes it easy to broadcast your content to all of your social media acquaintances. We supply you with a URL-like code that you can embed right onto your Facebook wall or Twitter Status. Directly to YouTube, your own website or one of ours designed for you.

Secure platform (No downloading, no content scraping)
The Epnet system (via DaCast) is supported by 24/7 network monitoring. This ensures a reliable and secure video hosting platform. Servers use RAID 5 security so content won’t be lost or interrupted in the instance of a server crash. Broadcasters can restrict video streams based on regions, limiting geographically. Website restriction can also be added so content is only streamed from approved sites and services. Videos are secured against download, meaning your original content won’t be compromised.

Broadcast and Stream Live Video

Get total control of your online video through an ad-free, local South African platform to better engage your audience. Stream your HD live & video on-demand content securely, with full control and instant playback – no matter where your viewers are and we provide you with a free demo on request.

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