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Epnet Live announce a live streaming package for Public Relations companies

Technology Driven Public Relations Firms No Longer Require To Plead To Mainstream Media To Have Their Campaigns Published.

Updated: 2nd Oct 2020 by Gordon Barker

This Means That If You Are A Public Relations Company You Are Now In Control And Can Broadcast On Your Clients Behalf.

Live streaming is now available as a public relations service which a company or organisation can benefit from. If you are planning on PR for a company announcement or special event it would be a great idea to consider live streaming.

The PR industry continues to evolve before our eyes. One of the greatest forces at work in this change is technology. Conferences, one-to-one meetings, networking – and of course social media can amplify all of these efforts. They are all worth trying. But thoughtful deployment of a public relations strategy can reach more people, more quickly, and with more focus than anything else. The power and influence of the PR department in a company was generally limited however the company can now become their own publisher giving the department or PR firm much more importance than ever before because it is no longer reliant on the mainstream media to deliver it’s message.

How You Can Leverage The Media To Your Own Advantage

Today, due to technology and a good live streaming company will ensure exposure to all the social media platforms and optimising the video for a larger audience, a PR campaign should consist of your own live stream which can be done without fuss.

What Tech Savvy Pr Consultants Are Implementing Today

PR pros know that video performs well on social media, and creating content that generates engagement can help a post over perform. What tactics can help drive users to join the conversation? Immediate live web streaming is the most sensible option and can be setup within an hour or two so no longer do you rely on mainstream media.

PR Communicators are using live video to break news, share thought leadership, financial results, take customers and prospects behind-the-scenes, and even engage them in content to build relationships in the B2B space. Most companies are successful in the eyes of public relations because they are laser focused on the content they provide. The clearer you are in your content strategy, the more effective your PR efforts will be in attracting audiences, especially through social media. Live streaming is the same as a TV news cast as it is spontaneous and more brands are shunning the well-rehearsed, scripted videos and opting for more relaxed, natural-looking live streaming videos. In other words you are not making a film you are making news.

Story Telling Has Never Been This Easy

If your PR and marketing campaign is centred around the launch of a new product or service, why not stream the actual event? Many of your customers won’t be able to attend the event in person, and they’re going to miss all the hype. It’s also great fodder for journalists. Give them a front row seat to the action so they can watch excitement build around your product and story.

The one firm without this technology that gets things wrong more often they have one press release for everybody – you can see it. It’s designed typically for press newspapers or blogs. It’s text based. There’s no effort gone in to seeing if the company has any assets to offer as far as video is concerned. There’s no treatment to the story that help it work visually. And it’s not just TV anymore. It’s useful for video bloggers. It’s useful for social media. There’s so many things that video now can be used for. I am amazed that at least half the pictures that I get have no video connected to them and have no ideas for video connected to them.

Epnet Live Announce A Live Streaming Package For Public Relations Companies

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