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Live streaming a funeral so that family and friends overseas can view from anywhere in the world

A funeral of a loving member of the family is a great burden. The emotions are high and people feel sorry and carry a great amount of passion and unhappiness. It is easy to neglect the daily arrangements by whoever is responsible for arranging the funeral. Attending a funeral is filled with emotion and many of the close family tend to miss the passion shown by others as they are suffering and dealing with their own grief. There may be other family members overseas who cannot attend but would like to.

A funeral is about celebrating the life of a loved one and this is where live video streaming can not only record these moments but provide a real-time broadcast of the event. Just remembering the funeral of a loved one is unreliable at best if you have a video recording you will be reminded of how that person celebrated their life. It is not some forgotten and unhappy memory but a celebration which you can live over and over again.


Organising a funeral or cremation service

The Date

The Ceremony

Aspects of a funeral service will differ according to particular religions, so consult with a member of the deceased’s clergy to discover exactly what is required and the order of the ceremony. A few things that are part of many ceremonies, and that you will likely need to decide, include:

  • Flowers – Will you have them? Which type? How many? In what kind of arrangements? Will others bring or donate flowers? What will happen to the flowers after the funeral?
  • Music – Which songs would you like played? Vocals or instrumentals? Where you will find singers and/or musicians? Will there be music at the cemetery?
  • Invitations – What will they say? How will they be designed? What type of card or paper will they be printed on? How will you deliver them?
  • Cards – Will you need Mass cards or other cards for the ceremony?
  • Live streaming or recorded video for family and friends
  • Transportation – both for the deceased and the mourners. Will there be a procession? Will the vehicle transporting the coffin be allowed into the cemetery?
  • Pall bearers – Will you need pall bearers? Will four suffice or will you need six? Do you have volunteers for this or will you need to hire pall bearers?
  • Caskets/coffins.
  • Headstones/statues.


The Reception

Once a funeral has concluded many families host a reception so that everyone in attendance can be together for a little while longer. By no means must a reception be a formal event, in fact most are usually hosted at a family home.

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