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Video is the one way to become a “marketing disruptor” on Facebook

All the best recent disruptions have something important in common


All the best recent disruptions have something important in common: they involve companies with the marketing common sense needed to solve customers’ headaches by using technology and cutting costs. But that does not mean these are the ‘only’ disruptors in business. Video is a prime example on the Internet as a tool you can use on your social media platforms like Facebook.

What is a Market Disruptor?

Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with several companies that are often referred to as “market disruptors.” But what exactly is a market disruptor? The people who lead these companies are smart and savvy, of course. However, they achieve success through connecting a missing link, solving a problem and/or filling a gap in service.

How to think if you wish to become a disruptor on Facebook

Recent research from the Content Marketing Association shows that more than half (55%) of marketers believe brands are not experimenting enough with their social media strategies, while 56% think they are not authentic enough on social platforms.

Throughout history, it is the disruptors who have shaped the world. It is the disruptors who ignored what was possible in the pursuit of what might be possible.

Right now in your industry there are disruptors working diligently behind closed doors, building technologies, developing systems and creating tools that will completely alter the landscape.

Video is the one way to become a “marketing disruptor” on Facebook

The one format that is driving significantly higher shares on Facebook are videos. Average shares have more than doubled since last August. This may be due to Facebook’s focus on video, the auto-playing of videos and similar factors but whatever the reason the data is quite clear. Video isn’t just an important part of the online experience; increasingly, video is the internet. Social video has exploded in the past year and we see no reason that it won’t continue to grow exponentially.  That is why live video streaming helps you to develop yourself as a “social disruptor” in 2017. You need to be able to develop your platform instantly to Fans questions and make them appear in a social and in a friendly way.

Million Rand Commercials are different to Social Videos

“Corporate video is not your objective it now needs to be social,” remarked Gordon Barker. “Get rid of the notion that you need to produce million rand commercials. Companies and individuals are currently getting thousands of fans simply by using their Smartphone’s. “

With video being the best performing content type on Facebook, maximizing video performance is key for business hoping to leverage the social platform for increased engagement, brand awareness, and sales. Gordon Barker additionally stated, “Few companies have grasped video content and you can leverage it by becoming the first disruptor in your market segment.”

“You don’t need to toss out the brand importance or company rule book, just the way you look at video”, stated Gordon. “Video is just a form of communication not a “golden brand moment.” People on Facebook want to see you talking socially and now is you’re time to do it.  Contact Gordon on 011 807 4034 or