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Experience filming in the conference industry in South Africa

Photo of a man at a conference


Our experience filming in the conference industry in South Africa has been a long road of discovery where we have learned a few tips along the way. Most convention centers and hotel conference rooms are not equipped to handle video and consequently make no allowance for the lighting in the most important area of the rooms like where the speaker is going to be and in the event of a presenter moving around. Although most people don’t believe that lighting is important this is a critical aspect for shooting video as it will make the difference between a good shot and a grainy shot with the cameras you are using. We use Fluorescent Light 4 tubes for lighting the speaker area and these are usually strong enough to ensure the speakers are sufficiently within a suitably lit area around the podium, as you can see unwanted shadows can also creep in but because you are Live you will have to wait for a break in the presentation to be able to fix these.

HD Cameras

Secondly you will need to choose cameras that cater for low light conditions. We use Canon’s Legria HF G30’s as they are small and light weight to move around and a Sony HXR-MC1500 although we find that the Canon’s are much better with a clean clear and crisp video image in these low light conditions. The photo above is a still image we have taken from one of our Canon Legria’s


We use a feed from the audio guys by just plugging in our jack to the sound system and connecting it to our Blackmagic video studio switcher.

Renting equipment

Many A/V rental companies have good equipment but they too don’t figure on video lighting equipment as this is not been called for by the client very often so video lighting is not something that many companies keep in stock. Many A/V companies supply stage lighting which is not the same as video lighting and can cause even more problems as the stage is set in darker and lighter areas.


So when you are filming a live stream in order to be successful you must take quality into account by having the right HD cameras, take along you own special video lighting equipment and by ensuring audio quality is at its peak.