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Live Streaming Gear

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What is required for a live stream?

There are many people today that think owning a computer PC Camera or camera cellphone enables them to stream live video this method is fine but only on a one person to one person basis. There are two types of streaming. CCTV which is used for security camera applications and HD Cameras using a HD or SDI connected video camera. Basically people are able to stream up to the Internet using Apps they have downloaded. Streaming can also be done via a computer camera. But these are basic and very poor quality in addition the places on the web to publish a stream of any length over 10 minutes is very restricted without an account and paying $50 to $500 per month if you have an account.

But I have my own camera how can I live stream

People have enquired from us that they have a camera why should they pay for streaming when they can do it themselves?
Our reply is then why are you speaking to us if you can do it?
Generally speaking people are not clear about streaming there are two meanings to the words live streaming. The most popular is streaming movies into your device unlike EPNET which streams out to the Internet in other words as our name implies, Electronic Publishing Network publishes film content to the web for viewing by people. We film and create the content for people to view from their PCs’ and other devices live and in real-time.

What is live stream broadcasting

A live stream broadcast uses professional HD cameras that can connect to an Encoder which is usually a PC with the right software built specifically for the job. An encoder can take a lead from a camera and transcribe and encode it into digital streaming data and send it to the web. To be able to offer professional broadcasting of the live stream you need to have additional equipment such as a video mixing desk. This allows for more than one camera at a time and enables you to switch live from one to the other all the while streaming out to your audience. In addition titles can be added as the stream progresses, pre-shot films can be interspersed in between the live video and even still pictures or Power Point slides.

Connecting to the Internet

To be able to professionally broadcast a live stream a good quality Internet connection is used. All WiFi providers in South Africa will give you an account where download speed is almost three times faster than Upload speed. Epnet require it the other way around, that is the UPLOAD speed needs to be fast so that our live stream can get onto the Net faster. We therefore provide either a strong WiFi connection but depending on the venue sometimes we will use a Satellite connection to ensure that we get the strongest signal possible.

Scenarios for live broadcasting

You may wish to have your wedding recorded and broadcast live. EPNET will use two cameras and also a backup video. One camera will be roving and following the wedding couple and all their activity. The second camera captures your guests and the venue itself giving the viewers a complete picture as if they were actually at the venue instead of watching it on their PC. The backup video is really a video that we have taken previously before the event itself. As an example we may have shot interviews with the couple a few days before or interviews with the parents, best man and bridesmaids. Also videos received from overseas family and friends can be used as part of the backup live stream. These video snippets are used and interspersed during your wedding at moments when there is nothing much happening such as people are making their way to the ceremony or whilst people are being seated at the ceremony. This ensures that a continuous live stream is maintained.

Company conferences
A conference requires that a continuous focus is maintained on the speaker however capturing the audience and reactions are critical to developing the atmosphere of the event.
Other critical factors at conferences are to enable viewers to follow Power Point slides, if these are being used as well as live stream pre-recorded films or commercials also need to be catered for.

Company brand promotions
Brand promotions in particular require on stream editing such as logos, commercials, interviews as well as all the action going on at the event.


Your live stream broadcaster needs to have the facilities and the technical streaming capability with a dedicated internet connection but to at a moment’s notice be able to switch to whatever content is appropriate at the time. Also required is a full streaming Internet network which has the capability of pushing out the video content and a website where the stream will be published to. When people say they have their own camera this is just the first component and does not mean live broadcasting can take place. A professional broadcaster with their own network and technology is required.