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Intellectual Property Creators Awards 2019 live streaming

Epnet Live Streaming for the Department of Science and Technology

We were invited by our client from the Department of Science and Technology to live stream the Minister’s Key Note Address at the Intellectual Property Creators Awards 2019.

Saint George Hotel 28 March 2019

DST Science and Technology

Ensuring sufficient light on the Presenter

Event organisers need to include on stage lighting on their live streaming checklist. One of the major problems today is that Event organisers are not yet skilled in the way that they light the stage for filming. The weakness goes further when they do not communicate their intentions to the fil crew. The Minister’s address podium was placed directly in front of the screen which killed the lighting in addition the lights in the room were turned down. The resultant video was in our opinion sub standard. Further was the camera position. We had been instructed to move our camera further back from the stage.

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Planning your live streaming

Before embarking on any project, production planning meetings are required so that everyone involved has a clear understanding of what is expected of themselves and each other.

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