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Interview SITA CEO Dr Setumo Mohapi

Epnet Live Streaming video of the interview with relaxed SITA CEO Dr Setumo Mohapi.

Filmed on location at the SITA HACKATHON held recently. The State IT Agency (SITA) has hosted an internal Hackathon that addressed SA’s top socio-economic issues with clever tech solutions.
The Hackathon took place over three days, which culminated in eight teams presenting their digital solutions to a panel of judges. “Through this Hackathon, we hope to light the spark at SITA,” says SITA CEO Dr Setumo Mohapi.

What is a Hackathon

It is an “event in which computer programmers and others…including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well.

In-house hackathons are also becoming the norm with organizations to stimulate a more innovative environment for employees and to discover new product ideas or new features for existing products, or perhaps even to re-engineer products for new audiences.

With all the time and design constraints on in-house development projects, company hackathons are an excellent way of providing creative space allowing developers – from the intern or graduate to the more senior engineers – to try out their own ideas or new technologies in a more relaxed and fun environment.

The events promote more dynamic collaboration across multifunctional teams that may include other skillsets such as UX design and marketing expertise. Some companies use hackathons are part of their induction training for this purpose.

Hackathons may not produce the latest, greatest product or solution that will change the world or be practical or cost-effective to implement, but they could lead to the discovery of a clever little utility or feature that will contribute to the next stage of a product release, as in the case of the ‘Like’ button in Facebook. More information on the Sita click here

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More information on the Sita click here