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Live streaming company
Shooting live video this displays a live streaming event held in Durban South Africa for the Competition Commission on the health care industry in South Africa

Companies have such an advantage using live streaming as they are able to reduce dependency on main stream media. In addition the costs today are so minimal and compared to this you are able to reach a wider audience. Whatever your event is there is nothing so powerful than a live stream to promote your business or company event.  Our equipment is state or the art which includes HD cameras and vision mixing so the editing is done on the fly. Include Power Point presentations or video streamed to your audience in real time.

Live streaming on the web is a specialist activity

Live web streaming is more like News broadcasting as the video is in real-time with the live footage being edited from different cameras shooting from different angles Epnet cut to the different angles wherever the “action” is taking place as well as incorporate logos, slides or other artwork. Our live stream video editor can also include pre-recorded movies that you wish to stream as well as Power Point slides. This activity all takes place whilst encoding and streaming simultaneously.
Unlike a normal video shoot
With Epnet Live Events it is so unlike a normal video shoot where rehearsals take place then cameras recording the event and the material goes back to the studio for editing. With Epnet Live Events this all takes place in the moment. We also provide clients with a copy of the video in high definition (1080i MP4) format before we leave the premises.

A long lasting irresistible platform

Video is the next best thing to Television and many thousands of times cheaper in addition you don’t get charged each time it is played. Streaming Live includes viewing the video long after the event is over so you have a video that people can watch time and time again promoting your business for a long as you like. We’re in the midst of incredible innovation and change in the digital media, entertainment, and online video industry in South Africa Epnet Live Streaming can service any of your live, social and interactive video requirements. Broadcast video production. Live video streaming. Live Event Production. Awards ceremonies, events and weddings. Make a company statement about your business irresistible.

Better company exposure

It’s not all about showing your companies brand to potential customers, but with live streaming you can educate people about your company and the brand you offer as well. This manages to bring in front some amazing opportunities, and that on its own can be very rewarding to say the least. It allows you to promote your company unlike never before, with an outcome that will be much appreciated.


When you broadcast your event live, you provide an opportunity to substantially increase your audience who can watch online and, if you have the facilities, on large screens at a nearby location. If your audience are working, living far away or even abroad, they won’t miss your special event. Everything you need to Live Stream to a multi-camera event, crew, cameras & full video production services we’re just a phone call away.

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Companies call us as our live streaming platform has the capability of streaming more than one broadcast stream at a time, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter / Periscope and Web embedded on your website. We help you leverage the power of your content by making live streaming quick and easy. Grow your audience with professional live streaming from Epnet Live!