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Live streaming for your video production

Additional service to video production houses – live streaming for your video project

Streaming video equipment rental South Africa

We leverage our technologies to connect you to the Web Live! We have our own streaming Windows web servers using the WOWZA streaming engine and are able to connect your client’s video to any website in the world with a few lines of code. We make it easy just give us your feed and you GO LIVE! We connect you while your filming via SDI or HDMI using our own Blackmagic Video Mixer. We also bring our own WiFi 4G LTE setup and can additionally install satellite for rural areas – we go anywhere in South Africa!

We are an IT company and have developed the technology to connect to your video and provide you a live stream!

Epnet Live provide a service of bridging the gap between video production and live streaming web broadcast. We come to your location and broadcast live video. Most video production companies do not have the technical web facilities to be able to live stream. Epnet can supplement their services by adding the technology on-site as part of their offering to clients. We are able to link up to four cameras using an SDI connection and a further two using HDMI. We also provide two of our own cameras if required. We additionally combine our live production switcher and encoder to stream to the web and can add slides as well as captions over the live stream. Please contact us if you are a video production house who would like to be able to offer this unique service. Streaming video equipment rental South Africa. Photographers we provide a video backup service to enhance your skills.

From corporate promotional videos… to community video projects… to a powerful video for company Events. Promotional videos have become a popular marketing tool across most industries in the past couple of years. Epnet is the corporate video production partner of choice.

Live Streaming Production Equipment Includes:

our-streaming technology

Our Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio which lets us create professional multi camera production on the fly in full 1080 HD! There’s no faster, or more efficient way to edit live events! ATEM Television Studio is perfect for schools, weddings and event videographers, houses of worship, government and corporate meetings, seminars, sports, concerts, theatrical events and more! We can capture your clients’ live events with your multiple cameras, adding professional broadcast quality graphics all live and in real time! ATEM Television Studio lets us create true broadcast quality programs that are much more professional looking than simple single camera production!

Portable Design

ATEM Television Studio features an elegant and strong all metal design with the highest quality video and audio connections that work with virtually all SD, 720p HD and 1080i HD formats. We have  four HDMI/SDI inputs along with program and multi-view outputs, USB, ethernet, and AES/EBU audio! The 1RU design is less than an inch deep and runs silent, so we can use it anywhere.

Advanced control software for unlimited creativity!

When you’re working with multiple cameras, it’s important to be able to see all of the video sources at the same time. Our ATEM Television Studio’s built in multi view output lets you see up to 10 channels of video on a single monitor!

For the ultimate in creativity and control, ATEM Television Studio includes a beautifully designed software control panel included. Use the switcher and parameter palette controls to switch cameras live and change transitions and key settings. You can load graphics into the switcher directly for display or keying, adjust the built in audio mixer, control cameras and change switcher settings, sending out your live stream all at the same time from our portable broadcast station.

Live encoder system

Our live encoder system can record your video and stream and at the same time sending out live video to one or a number of web pages or websites to anywhere in the World. We broadcast directly to our own streaming server in Johannesburg which is on the Internet Solutions backbone giving you a world class fast network service. We connect to your equipment including your own mixer via SD or HDMI and can take up to six cameras. We have our own network connection using WiFi or Satellite depending on the location. All of this equipment is on standby for your call and usually ready to go within 24 hours. Our rates are reasonable for production houses with setup and time and attendance at you site location giving you the full attention you require.

Equipment, services and capabilities

Mobile Blackmagic mixer

Satellite or Wi-Fi depending on location

Connect your cameras and stream live

Use captions lower 2/3rds logos etc

Stream pre-recorded video such as intros and outros

Stream recorded video during live stream  such as mixing commercials in between live

Power Point slides

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