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Epnet Live streaming a wedding from South Africa

If your family or friends are overseas then you can save them money in buying an airline ticket & accommodation by Live streaming. They will get to see you getting married in real-time. But even more they will see the ceremony in close up where the other guests can only see it from the church pew. As much as your wedding is about celebrating you and your future husband, it is also about your friends and family witnessing your nuptials.

How to stream live on your wedding day

If you are thinking about live streaming your marrigae it is a better idea than simply hiring a videographer as get get both a broadcast and a video to watch afterwards. Our marriage package covers anywhere within Gauteng, Johannesburg or Pretoria costs for both the Ceremony and Reception even if they are in two different places is just R 16,700 for the day. So the charge for your wedding live stream is far lower than if you had to purchase accommodation and tickets to fly people to South Africa. This is what you get:

  • Professional Videograhper on-site
  • 1080i HD streaming quality
  • Unlimited online viewers
  • Custom broadcast web page
  • 100% ad-free & secure
  • PC. Mac, iOS, Android compatible
  • Real-time viewer chat
  • Live broadcast tech support
  • Video-on-demand (later viewing) for 1 year
  • Recorded broadcast delivered in HD

Epnet live streaming wedding services

We create a custom broadcast web page for you which is great, even if you want to use YouTube or Facebook as we embed the live stream into a broacast page we manage. Why this is a better idea is that we are able to decorate your web page beforehand. You can include photographs, your itinerary, a Google map with direcions and even a suggestion on wedding gifts that you would like to receive from your guests.

Check out these tips on creating a wedding day timeline that will help your wedding run like clockwork!

Think about your wedding’s unique logistics. There are several decisions you’ll need to make before you can start creating your wedding day timeline. If you can answer these questions, you’re probably ready to start creating your wedding schedule!

  1. Will you be getting ready at your ceremony location or somewhere else (like a hotel with a room block reserved for you and your guests)?
  2. Are your ceremony and reception in separate locations? If so, you’ll have to factor travel time into your wedding timeline.
  3. Will you be providing transportation for your wedding party members and/or guests? If so, this can make travel a bit smoother and quicker.
  4. Are you planning on having a “first look” and doing photos before the ceremony? Or would you rather wait until cocktail hour to do couple and group portraits?
  5. How long will your ceremony be? This will require a discussion with your officiant.
  6. Will your cocktail hour take place between the ceremony and reception or before the ceremony?
  7. Will you have a receiving line?
  8. How many toasts or special dances will you have?
  9. Does your reception venue have a curfew, meaning you’ll have to end the reception at a specific time? Your wedding reception timeline will be tighter if you have to end the party at a predetermined time.
  10. Are you doing a first dance or other ceremonial dances at your reception?
  11. How much time is included in your vendors’ contracts? How long will your photographers (DJ/band, videographer, etc.) be present at your wedding?
  12. Are you hosting an after-party or parties?

Another thing to remember is the filming of your wedding such as lighting and easy access for the cameramen to be able to film you. Epnet Live would like to discuss these and other aspects around your photoshoot to be able to draw up the necessary filming timeline for your day. All of the (above) timeline points are important for us to ensure your wedding day is not spoilt by logistics.

Epnet Live uses advanced video and live streaming equipment to broadcast weddings and events all over the world! Our premium service includes everything needed to stream your wedding online, including a videographer on-location, technician with professional video, audio and broadcast equipment.

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