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Wedding Videographer Live Streaming

Johannesburg getting married this month?

Who pays for a wedding live streaming service?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for most of the wedding expenses, including the live wedding streaming, stationery, the wedding gown, the ceremony, the photographer and the reception. Since the wedding itself is almost a gift to the couple, some brides and their parents may wonder if an additional gift is also required.


Advanced booking for a wedding live streaming service?

Certain months of the year are extemely busy for weddings in Johannesburg such as March, May, August and December and although the venue is booked a long time in advance live streaming videographer’s are left until the last minute which ends up being a problem if left too late.

Johannesburg area live video streaming for weddings if you are getting married Epnet provides a service to couples to document their wedding in a video. Remembering this once in a lifetime day forever a video live streaming on the web or simply recorded and supplied on a flash drive is the greatest most cherished possession for a married couple and lasts a lifetime. Your wedding video is something you can show your children who will be grateful that they were able to share this special day that you both experienced.

What’s included in the streaming production

A video production by Epnet the videographer in Johannesburg includes a live film production editor at your venue using three discreet cameras and you don’t have to wait months for the delivery of your film (which is common place). We deliver a memory stick before we leave your wedding celebration. You also have the option to broadcast from Johannesburg by live streaming your marriage around the world on the web. We are based in Johannesburg but cover the whole of Gauteng and are available to you anywhere in the region.

Romantic idea as a Gift!

Thoughtful and Unexpected Wedding Gift Idea
If you are a parent or close relation to the couple a video would be an ideal gift and completely unique. Give them a special gift to remember on their big day with our commemorative and personalised video. Best way to livestream a wedding, we include an optional recording of you with your greeting and (marital advice for the future), wishing the couple well which we place in the front of the video.

With live streaming you ensure your unique video wedding gift lasts a lifetime!

How to live stream a wedding

If you are an uncle, aunt, or some family member who would like to surprise the bride and blow her away our live streaming wedding package will do this. Leave it up to the xStreamists at Epnet Live and surprise the bride with a live streaming on her wedding day with a recording of the event she will cherish forever!

Should We Live Stream Our Wedding?
Whether you are getting hitched in a far-flung location or one of your relatives has a last-minute emergency, there are many reasons why some of your inner circle may not be there in person when you tie the knot. The good news is, thanks to technology, there may be a way to have your nearest and dearest in attendance without being there physically: live streaming. Before you cue up the camera, though, there are a few things you should take into consideration.