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News an unrehearsed moment in time

Live streaming is an unrehearsed moment in time

White Paper: Proposed by Gordon Barker Expert in Live Streaming and Marketing 8th June 2020

Live streaming has bigger outcomes than you expect as they are unrehearsed moments in time. Live streaming by it’s very nature is not rehearsed filming and carries far more weight than anything pre-planned. Customers have become very super suspect about brands and businesses and what people are saying about them. No longer does an authoritative sounding personality speaking from a manufacturers stanpoint bear much weight in convincing someone to buy anything. This is all due to the Internet which carries all the information than anything previously available to us humans in the past. Streaming is not about produced video, and it’s not the place for polished webinars. Brands are afraid of being imperfect. Ask your followers questions, listen, and then have them talk to you. People want to see who you really are.

Did you know that people spend a lot of time thinking and checking on a product purchase that involves spending a large amount of money. As the Internet has grown it has become so much quicker and easier to check on a company, it’s products and it’s trust worthiness. Such examples are as follows:

Try this on Google: Why buy a BMW 3 series car?”

The first answer that pops up is the following:

“One of the most talked-about cars this year is the BMW 3-Series. Since this sports sedan made its original debut back in 1975, the 3-Series has been a fan favorite for BMW drivers. Those who have already driven the revamped 3-Series claim that it is a car that has been worth the wait. The all-new generation features more powerful engine options and redesigned shocks that aid in creating a sportier performance for the 3-Series, which has been lost in the middle of the pack for quite a few years. It seems, however, that now is the 3-Series’ time to shine” , and this goes on with a page full of content stating it’s virtues.” This goes on with page after page on Google.

So what happens if a pose this question to Google, why buy a VW Golf?

One of the top answers you will read from Google is as follows:
“7 reasons to buy a VW Golf. The VW Golf is one of the best all-round family hatchbacks on sale at the moment – here’s why it deserves a place on your shortlist Below are 7 of the many reasons why the VW Golf deserves a place on your shopping list. 7 reasons to buy a VW Golf. 7. Comfortable interior Every driver can get comfortable behind the wheel of the Golf – something that can’t be said for every family car out there. There’s plenty of adjustment from both the steering wheel and the seats.”

After you have done your research on both these cars you will end up with a complete list of the benefits of each vehicle. What you will notice is that only one of these vehicles has a large number of video testimonials the other car does not. As a consumer you are naturaly drawn to the videos, particularily if these videos are testimonials presented by another consumer. A customer review which is the most poweful trustworthy source. The reviews from a customer to me, another customer, sells me the product and far outways a video from the source or manufacturer.

Choice has become synonymous with customers buying behavior

Back in those days, the way we shopped for products was drastically different from the way we shop today. Most of us still trusted brick-and-mortar stores, we didn’t have price comparison services, and we were at the mercy of large corporations for discounts. Now, as a customer, you have sufficient access to smartphones and the internet to go beyond the shelf when evaluating the product.
In fact, you might not be at the physical store at all since ecommerce stores like Amazon and have also become significantly more popular, serving as viable alternatives to the physical retail store. Therefore, when you need something like a shampoo, you are unlikely to go directly to the store to purchase, but rather go online to search something like “the best shampoo in the world” — and that’s the Zero Moment of Truth.

The best way to convince customers to purchase your brand

Unreheased live streaming videos are much more believable to pre-planned large video productions. One of the most popular modern business uses for streaming is to broadcast live product launch videos. As many corporations are discovering, this is a great way to build buzz around a new product release. A live streaming release event can also be a great boost to the sales and momentum of a product and can become a social gathering in its own right. Live streaming for marketers is no longer a novelty – live video is changing the way brands interact with their audiences. A live video strategy engages viewers in immediate and authentic ways that other social media formats cannot. And marketers are paying attention, with 28% investing more in live streaming. Customers expect live video at every step of the consideration process. To meet this growing demand, savvy brands are finding new ways to use tools like Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, and Periscope in their marketing stack.

Video testimonials

With almost everyone on earth today can create their own video, independant testimonials are easy to come across and they may not all contain good words about you, you’re brand or company. The video testimonials may not all be of very good quality but this does not matter to consumers. What consumers are seeking is honest and trustworthy content. If during the viewing experience they see something or hear something negative about you then they simply walk away from your product or service. Customer testimonials are so much cheaper and easier to do today. You simply record and live stream satisfied customers who are talking about what they like about you’re product or services. But these are the most powerful ways of not just connecting but convincing new customers to make a purchase.

Epnet Live Streaming Services Conclusion

The vast majority of video content never finds an audience, and this is for many reasons. Trust EPNET LIVE to track and ensure you find your audience. The foundational skills of storytelling, knowing your audience, and making authentic content will always be the baseline to attract viewers.
Just because it’s live doesn’t mean your spots shouldn’t be super smart, scheduled and scripted well. Remember, live video isn’t new. What’s changed is the technology, where enormous amounts of video data travel through broad bandwidths. We could learn a lot from watching live late-night TV shows of the ’50s and ’60s, where everything was live, right down to the commercials.

Videos are no longer merely entertainment or content marketing. They work as a source of information which may not necessarily have the production values expected by “big brands” but because of this are even more powerful as they portray truth and trust and even help many consumers in their purchasing decision. More than half of the consumers state that online videos help them choose a specific brand or product, according to a Google study.

Marketing on Google

This is what you will see on Google when you ask the question, “why should I buy a VW Golf” All the video testimonials from people from YouTube will appear at the top of the search page to help you to have your question answered. This is the most powerful reason why testimonial reviews should be used in your marketing going forward.
Research white paper

Trust Epnet to ensure your video customer reviews and testimonials receive this kind of attention on Google. it’s not just for cars it is any brand or product in the world that you would like to promote in this way – stronger reliable believable customers testimonials and reviews get new customers to buy your product or service.

Epnet Live services include packages for streaming your satisfied clients we are able to travel to the customers residence and shoot a live streaming video explaining what they like about you. Contact Gordon on 011 807 4034 or email [email protected]
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