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Funeral live streaming service in Gauteng


(We have softened the sound with respect)

A death in a family can happen without any warning. Watch this heart rendering funeral live streaming. If you’re family and friends are overseas. They are able to watch the stream in real time. The cheapest solution that allows everyone to be at the Funeral, (we have softened the sound on this video with respect). There are occasions when distance, health or other circumstances can stop some family and friends from attending a funeral to say goodbye and pay their respects. Our online Funeral Live Streaming & webcasting service can provide a great alternative. Live Streaming a Funeral allows those who are unable to attend the opportunity to participate, say goodbye and watch the funeral in real time for themselves over the web from anywhere in the world.
Funeral watch on YouTube

How does online funeral streaming work?

An increasing number of funerals in Johannesburg are now live streamed for the benefit of far-flung mourners. Anyone unable to make it to the crematorium on the day can simply log in and watch from home, or from anywhere with an internet connection. Online streaming can be used for funerals or for virtually any event where a percentage of the participants cannot attend. It can also be used by churches to broadcast sermons, baptisms and christenings and provides a cost-effective viewing alternative for those who may be overseas, medically unable to travel or have commitments that prevent them from attending the event.

Live streaming platform

The combination of flexible web based live streaming platform with pre-configured cameras creates the perfect solution for funeral homes wishing to deliver a robust yet flexible streaming service. If you have elderly family members who are sick or not able to afford an airfare to be there in person, live streaming the funeral is an easy and cost-effective way of sharing the service with them.

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