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How much should a professional produced live streaming Webcast cost?

Live streaming depends on the event so is not a static cost


We want to produce a series of twelve live streamed events over the course of a year for an audience of around 1,000. If we want a full services vendor, how much should we expect to budget (annually) and how would the costs breakdown?


Live streaming depends on the event so is not a static cost. It relates to size of event and some other things but boils down to how many cameras will be required minimum is two and costs relate to not just cameras but the staff or cameramen. The reason for 2 cameras are that because you are streaming live there is no pause button you have to keep the streaming going the whole time. You cannot stop a camera otherwise your viewers will see a black screen single. As an example if you want to move camera one then you must rely on camera two which has already been setup say to shoot a wider audience shot. Camera two will be use to fill-in until camera one has moved into position.

If you use this method then you will need a live video switcher to be able to switch from camera to camera. You also may like to use slides or insert pre-recorded video in between your broadcast so a video switcher becomes critical to a successful show.

Costs of live streaming

Now to answer the question of how much a live webcast costs it does depend on what is required but a setup as described above will be at least R14,000 for a one to four hour session. The price includes staff costs 2 cameramen, one on-site engineer to switch cameras, encode and ensure webcast streams to its intended destination. Epnet also includes a third static camera for background shots at no extra charge so the first two cameras can move around making a much better production.

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Epnet are able to give you a detailed pricing for your event or conference which includes all the other factors including bandwidth broadcast costs.