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Internet Marketing South Africa

Web video marketing ideas

Was reading an article today which outlined trends on the web and how people can find new ways to advertise this year. One of the suggestions was to use video advertisements because they are more effective. They got this wrong it should be social video not advertising video. Point is that advertising does not belong on the web.

The web is a resource where people are able to find information that they are looking for. All search engines understand this they enhanced the idea and created rules of engagement with the public that is, “the information we present to you in our index is most relevant to your search query”. “If your website is on page thirty of our index then that is how relevant we think it is for the search term entered”. Marketeers either don’t know this or they choose to force ads on people who did not search for that information.

Website owners and the Marketing Industry

If you own a website and you have a well defined target market but you only receive 2 visitors a day how well are you doing? You have two problems either you have not defined your market correctly which is easy to fix by going back to the table and doing more homework, or your web master has no clue how to optimize your pages relevant to your target market. So before you even consider what advertising you want to develop this year you need to take a step back to analyse the obvious which is your own website marketing.

Are you stuck in online advertising

How are you going to target ads if you are only getting 2 people per day on your website? In addition to not knowing more about your target market and what they are looking for obviously you don’t have any expertise such as why and how the web really works and your webmaster is useless.

Think that people are starting to rely too heavily on ads to find their target market (hence the rise in popularity of ad blockers). It is very possible, if you know who you are after to develop a website offering the things that they want. So you are able to attract your market to your website. It seems that people neglect this fact, after all that is how the web works which is to attract people to relevant information.

Did you know the latest news from Google?

Google has now started blocking websites that use deceptive content or ads to make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do, such as fake download buttons that appear right next to the real download button, or pop-ups demanding you phone tech support to remove a million malware infections that were apparently found on your computer. It sounds like this will be a gradual rollout; it’ll take time for Google to work out which sites are consistent offenders.

Digital Agencies

Most digital agencies are run by 20 something’s they are equipped with where and how you can advertise on the web but sadly have no background as to how and why the web actually works so cannot guide you. In fact it is not in their interest to provide anything to you other than advertising solutions as that is how they earn a living.

Web consulting and SEO

Consider a web development company that is older than Google, we have been around for the last twenty two years creating websites in South Africa and search engine optimization as well as new social video websites. We act as consultants to companies that want to enjoy a better web experience where their target market comes to them they don’t have to seek it out. The market comes to your blog or website because you have something they want which is engagement. The web works in the most wondrous of ways where people come to you without you having to chase them.