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Epnet Live What we do and why we do it

Author: Epnet Live xStreamists Epnet Live 10 October 2020

Epnet Live use Restream as our major broadcasting platform. We can build your own broadcasting web page for your Event using our Restream broadcasting service. Our skill set includes filming but more than this we understand the technology, we understand multistreaming, we understand social media and how marketing a video is done, we understand web development, SEO and database systems. All of this helps us to achieve your goals and market your video to reach a broader audience.

Our Story

Everyone needs to specialise in something and live streaming in Johannesburg in South Africa is what we do. Our story begins in the advertising agency business with over 17 years experience. Then started Epnet which developed websites which used unique streaming technology. As technology gripped our souls we developed special live streaming capability and have been down the road with a totally new learning experience. Such things as audio and video. Things like how very much harder it is to fix audio problems than video – what a surprise it was to us. Video lighting is very critical and we have equipped ourselves with stage lighting accessories to improve that. Learning how older conference venues have very bad lighting. Learning that Eskom power failure does not just affect us but WiFi will go down even for a few seconds will break the video stream. It’s been a long road but we have learned much more than just these few examples. We are now the most professional live streaming company in Johannesburg.

We keep track of streaming hardware and software including NDI (Network Device Interface) also called video over IP technology and related articles of interest or fun. Most of the videos on this website are current and depict trends in live streaming technology fresh from the experts in the world of streaming news. Watch live social media videos minutes after they happen.

Our live streaming services allow you to brand your event as much or as little as you want. We can tailor your live stream event to what suits you and your creative vision. Within your event you can also ask us to add company logos, graphics, Power Point presentations or even advertisements to give you or your sponsors the exposure they desire.