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Best list of wedding venues outdoor or indoor

Wedding venues are easy to find in Johannesburg but which one is right for you? You must allow sufficient time to view and evaluate them. We have listed some of the better top venues to help you see a good number of them. First by simply visiting their websites you will get the look and feel of the venue then make a shortlist of the top 5 then you will be able to visit them and to evaluate which one is best for you.

Venue checklist, ask Questions when you are at the venue

Most venue guides are experienced employees, perhaps even managers and directors of the site, which means they know nearly everything there is to know about the rooms and services. However, just because they have this information doesn’t mean they’ll share it freely. You should be prepared to make a thorough investigation of the place by interrogating your staff member (guide) with any and all pertinent questions. For example, you should at least ask:

  • How many hours are included in the rental?
  • Where are the entrances/exits and restrooms?
  • Where does catering set up?
  • Are there any restrictions on alcohol or noise?
  • Does the venue provide equipment? Like p/a system, podiums for the speaches, etc.
  • How many events does the venue schedule in one day?

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The story so far..My Sister’s Wedding

Our family is now living in the U.K and my sister who is living in South Africa was getting married in December all our plans were made and the family (six of us) were going to fly to Johannesburg for the wedding. The venue selected was the Avianto Hotel in Muldersdrift. Ten days before our flight was set for departure my grand father had a heart attack. He turned out to be fine however was told by the doctors not to fly. My grandfather and grandmother decided to stay in the U.K. We had a look on the web and found Gordon from Epnet Live. He accordingly gave us a quote (which was cheaper than two return tickets to the UK) for broadcasting the wedding.

How Epnet Live really helped us

A few days prior to the wedding Gordon did a reconnaissance of the venue and assured us that the WiFi signal strength was perfect which made us feel more relaxed. Gordon also provided us with photos where the Ceremony and Reception were to take place which helped us deciding where the guests would be seated and how my sister would be facing so that more people would be able to see the exchanging vows.

The Ceremony (weather permitting) would be held outside in the Lavender field. As the wedding was going to take place at 1pm Gordon pointed out the suns position at that time of day so we needed to take that into account. Gordon explained that live web broadcasts were more like a news bulletin or a reality show. The whole wedding would be filmed as things happened, my sister walking down the aisle, the minister speaking to the couple before and after vows were to be exchanged. Then the Reception, the position where the main table was to be situated, and the people making the wedding speeches. This is where lighting would be setup, at no additional cost as the room where the main table and the speakers were going to be positioned was a bit dark.

As our wedding was to be Live Gordon gave us options on where to broadcast which were, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope/Twitter or on a web page that Epnet could setup for the broadcast. We decided that although we were happy to use YouTube we wanted our own web page address. Gordon provided this and as an example the name was which is a sub domain of The domain was easy to remember and it was much simpler than going to YouTube to look for it. The benefit of this live streaming made it easy for invited guests and grand parents to view the wedding live from their web browser window. Guests could also use mobile smartphones as well as clicking on full screen so nothing else was distracting from the view and events as they happened.

Finally Gordon’s service included a full recording of the wedding which was given to us on site immediately after the filming had ended.

So our family was really happy and overwhelmed by the web broadcasting services Epnet provided us with.

Top 10 list of wedding venues in Johannesburg

Your wedding day should last a lifetime memories stored on video do that for you. Short term cost then forever free!