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YouTube Marketing

Marketing on YouTube Opens a Whole New World for You

Why should you care about getting your videos on YouTube

Why should you care about getting your videos on YouTube? You can be sure that a sizeable portion of your audience is on YouTube. YouTube is reporting 3 billion hours of video streamed per day. And you can now broadcast live, inside of that stream. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that for their business?

Live YouTube streaming is not just available on a single computer platform. Most modern smartphones can take a YouTube live stream and more and more smart television sets are coming with that capacity as well.

Not only can you partner with the biggest video network in the world, but you can also broadcast, through them, to every screen that can take a live Internet video feed.

Live streaming, even free, is not new to the Internet. But it’s now much easier and allows more businesses the opportunity to reach a wider audience by integrating live streaming into their marketing plan.

Top list of the best of Live Streaming to YouTube

Get the best of all worlds when you live stream to YouTube if you are logged in to your Facebook page and Twitter page the live stream will automatically be published on these social media platforms as well.

From e-commerce to e-training, online streaming is being used in various ways to drive sales, communicate and educate. With more companies looking to reduce travel budgets, online streaming will play an integral role in video conferencing for trainings and meetings. E-commerce is widely popular in Asia and companies are looking to enhance the online shopping experience by implementing video previews of products or real time sales assistance via video to help address customers’ inquiries.

Top 8 South Africa companies who use YouTube for video marketing

  • Checkers have 200 videos on YouTube and use it to promote savings and also tips like explanation of various cheeses they also use it for tips like how to wrap wine, and food recipes.
  • FNB use YouTube and have over 170 videos and use it to explain their various investment products but also research on housing, competitions and business advice.
  • Pick n Pay has over 400 videos on YouTube with tasty recipes, Evita’s fondest food memories and lots more to do with food.
  • ABSA Bank with over 300 videos building their audience with a playlist of money management instruction, competitions and sponsorship’s.
  • Nedbank has over 800 hundred videos playing Group Interim Results, Business Awards, Promotions, and Nedbank Technologies for mobile.
  • Standard Bank South Africa has a library of over 300 videos. Their videos are to do with sponsorships, Banking Mase Easy and Giving Back to their communities.
  • Builders Warehouse South Africa have over 260 videos on YouTube which is used for DIY such as adding a water feature, converting your garden tap to an outdoor shower as well as making a biltong dryer.
  • Coca-Cola Channel has over 5,400 videos, promotions, sports events and TV commercials with 1.5 million subscribers.

But you don’t need to be a big company to market your business and to have this number of videos on YouTube you just need to become determined to show your company and services and keep your audience interested for little money. Let us show you how contact Gordon on 011 807 4034