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PR for company events parties and year end celebrations

PR with Epnet Live Streaming for company events parties and year end celebrations

If you are anticipating a dinner to thank your staff or a dinner to thank your customers what better way to do this than stream the event to enhance your companies image. Why keep these events quite when you could celebrate with guests and a wider audience online. Any costs you incur for the event will end up giving you a return on investment if you publicize it. Building your own company trust and relationships by publicizing and demonstrating your activities.

How to become your own in-house PR and publisher

Just imagine if you had an event and the world wanted to know about it. If your company was famous like “Apple” or “Microsoft” people around the world have an interest in what you do. But you are a private company or SME and you are in Johannesburg so no one will be reporting on your event. You can do it yourself over the Web by using video streaming and ensure that at least your target market will be interested in what you do and that is what counts. With online video you can capture the Chairman’s speech and prize giving awards and become your own publicists. As an example here is a video of such an Event held at the Johannesburg Bryanston Country Club.
You are your own company publisher

In today’s competitive market, reputation can be a company’s biggest asset Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation. The purpose of a special event may differ from company to company, but the purpose of the PR surrounding it is the same: to generate interest and to interact with the public. This means that your PR efforts need to be targeted, clear, and newsworthy. You are in control of publishing news on the web you can do this without the underlying costs of a PR company. Publishing to the world is no longer the sole domain of a public relations firm. The web space is now the platform of all the news and your video can be delivered to magazines and other publishing websites to use if they wish to in addition to your own online efforts we help you to do this as we understand video publishing.