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Promote your company or brand by using web streaming services

Getting a Voice for your company or brand

Your business can grow if you have a voice. Most big businesses who are able to afford it purchase and use television. TV Commercials gives their brand a voice. When you go into a supermarket you see the brand and recall the television commercial (mostly subconsciously) and it may give you a comfortable warm feeling because you recall that happy bouncing baby or a cute puppy or a person that recalled a happy event in their life so you end up buying the product over a competitor’s product. This result is where a company purchased their brand or bought it by creating a television commercial. But it is no longer exclusive to big brands because of the Web. It is the best way of promotion even a small business can market themselves or their products in a video format that has an equal amount of impact over time.

Discovering your voice

You may feel that you have no experience talking to a camera but this is really not true all you need is passion. If you feel zealous about your company and brands and have a great amount of passion then you have all the ingredients for a live video interview or talk. But sometimes it does become an overwhelming anxiety for you then maybe someone in your company is up to doing it. As an example the South African appliance store Hirche’s is a family owned business and they advertise by the way of radio commercials. They promote their business a lot to announce their appliance Specials and their daughter Luci Hirch is the voice-over announcer. Her voice and accent is terrible but it is unique and memorable. Whether you like her or hate her she gets the message across and you never forget. Her presentation is something that sticks with you and you would be likely to go to the store even if you wanted to just see what she looks like and you may purchase something once you see the huge range of appliances they have. It obviously works as Luci has been doing these radio commercials for years. The point is that she has the passion and the business thrives because of it. She explains how radio solves their advertising communication and how effective it is but she seems to base it on radio and not her presentation style. I figure that she could turn to any media where her voice is heard such as TV, radio or the web and still make huge profits.
Here is a link on YouTube if you want to see and hear Luci’s presentation style to make up your own mind

Announcing your video stream

Web video and live streaming is capable of the same result. There is nothing more positive for your company or brand than talking about it on camera over the web. The initial reaction a marketer or company owner has is that, “OK I am going to do it but who will be my audience, who will I be talking to, how can I get to my market?” If you don’t have a mailing list of a few thousand people who can you speak to and tell them about your video launch here is what you need to do:

Marketing your video stream

So you will need to build an audience and you can start by including the video on your web page and possibly YouTube. Then the work begins. Promote, promote and promote your web page and video by visiting other popular websites, social media is a good start, add your message to these places go to local directories and add links to your video. The more that you promote the more visitors you will get. It is the eighty twenty rule where the most work is in building an audience by creating links on popular websites. Your video must contain good content and be memorable by adding clever creative well thought out content. Your video must not be “a dead pan company message”, this will not do much for you on the Web you will need to stand out from the crowd in some way to begin building an audience. You need to build a theme or presentation that will continue and be long lasting over time. If you are memorable like the Luci Hirch example you will be assured of a lot of curiosity by the public and word of mouth will spread so that over time your business will become successful, but it may be sooner rather than later success depending on how effective and memorable you message. Call Gordon from Epnet Live Streaming, for a chat 011 807 4034.