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Search engine optimization presentation by Gordon Barker

The South African SEO Guru Gordon Barker has put together a short video, (lasting 17 minutes) describing how on page optimisation works. This is intended to make it easier for marketing people to understand how SEO should work on their website.

This is very important even if the information is only used it to check on the work that their Search Engine Optimisation company has done.

Are the techniques they use professional and do they follow the rules for page markup, that search engines use to discover the online content is relevant, correct and important?

Marketing people in the past have considered SEO as something computer people do, this is just not the case. SEO is something marketing people should do or at least direct the implementation of it. Gordon says have a watch of the video to garner a bit of understanding and email him with any questions

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Transcript of the video

Hello Gordon …

…Firstly can you tell us how you started and got into the business of, SEO & digital marketing? ..


I came from an advertising agency family background and after spending 17 years in the Industry I decided to get out and open my own internet business. I use the skills I had learned in marketing as a foundation for the company. 2019 is our 21st year in the business.


I focus constantly on the ever-changing technology side and how marketers can leverage, to their advantage, more visitors and greater sales by using knowledge from the web.


I am able to create, monitor and position web pages higher up on the search engines.


So Donald Trump comes up first on Google for the keyword, IDIOT. ..


..What’s happening here? Is Google fudging the results, are they being honest Gordon? ..


Google explained in the video that this is how they rank a website. ..


“Google indexes billions of web pages. ..


They have over 200 web page ranking indicators such as, relevance, freshness, popularity and how people R using it.”


Yes it is a fact that Trump has been linked and indexed by Google as being an idiot but also on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.



How they do this is that many thousands of web pages talk about Trump as being an Idiot, so it is a popular topic.


They index these pages and calculate the importance of the word which describes peoples’ writings about him.


Can you imagine having a website that has been linked to millions of pages it will definitely display your site at the top. It does not end here as search engines also understand things like synonyms around the word idiot.


These might include people using the words fool, jerk, moron, nitwit, stupid and twit, as examples. The search engine algorithms calculate how people are using these words that connect to Trump,


decide the relevance (whether the source is authoritative or not) that is, the New York Times versus a simple personal blog.


And the lesson here is that your website needs these same factors to get to the top.


Not by using the word idiot of course but a very select set of keywords that explain your business such as Estate Agent, Detergent, toothpaste or whatever describes your service or business best.


You need to focus your website on a constant topic and be relevant and interesting. Just a home page with an image on it will get you nowhere. If you put too little information about you and what you do you will fail to achieve any page position and your ranking will be very low.


We develop websites that increase PAGE POPULARITY.


Firstly with research, what people type when searching for a similar product or service?


We understand page popularity and how it is done, we have practiced our methods over 21 years and started on how web crawling works long before Google was born. We understand how good copy should be placed exactly on the page at the right position that will magnify your keywords in importance. This is crucial if you only have a small site with few pages.


For anyone getting into search engine optimisation can you tell us how they would start optimizing their website for high search engine randkings?


Sure Frank if you have a look at our website which is optimized for the keywords, live web streaming South Africa, You will notice that we are number 1 on Google search pages, we are number 1 on Bing, Yahoo is high and even number 1 on Russian Yandex engine.


How did you achieve this?


So let’s go behind a web page. If you think of a web page as a plain text file which has computer code in it. What you see is not what the search engines see that is when they read your page, they are scanning the computer code (the HTML descriptors and tags).  You need to understand what certain tags mean as they describe your page to the search engines. All marketers focus on is the design, If you ignore the tags and code you will not have any success on the engines.


Many people spend a lot of time ensuring that the design of the page is perfect but they fail to pay attention to titles and descriptions and other tags which are not computer science but computer detail.  Considering what lies on the reverse of a web page you will ensure that your page is optimized with code that search engines understand.


Also by typing in (in words) what you do in the above the fold (top half) of the home page is also critical and so are the following tags.


To see the HTML code of a web page simply right click on the page the Menu that pops up gives you the option to view source, click on this. A new page will pop-up where you are able to check that you have paid attention to the following tags:


Title: A short description (60 characters)

Description: A longer description (160 characters)

Keywords: shortlist separated with a comma


So Gordon, what should these descriptors be filled with?


The title should contain the shortest possible description of your page.

In our case, we have entered the following,


South Africa live web streaming webcasting for conferences”.


You will notice that we have used our agreed keywords in a short description without repeating the keywords.


The description should contain a sentence using keywords and ours is as follows:


 “Web streaming company in South Africa new concepts exciting fresh ways of looking at online web video live stream webcasting events & conferences.”


Our keywords contain the following:


Streaming, live, broadcaster, South Africa,  web streaming,  service provider,  webcasting,  webcasting software,  webcasting techniques,  webcasting examples,  webcasting equipment,



The Big Factor

All of our keywords that we have used have been researched as the most likely words our market will use when searching for our services.


Other tags I will explain here is the H1 to H6 tags which tell search engines the importance of the headlines that you use.  H1 tag should only be used once but must be the title of the product or services you offer. Ours is:


Live web streaming company


These are the exact keywords people are most likely to enter into the search engine.


So the final tags we are going to mention is the ALT tags that gets used with every image you place on the page. The ALT tag is used is you want to describe the image or photo that you are showing on the page. Obviously, search engines are not able to read what the image is so they expect you to describe it in an ALT-Tab.


Thanks, Gordon, do you recommend that every page on your website follows these coding examples you have mentioned?


 Ever web page needs to follow these coding rules and you search engine specialist will follow them but you can check that this work has been done by going to the source script and looking to see that these have been filled in correctly.


This is just the basics of optimization but the most important, other than the name of your domain which could also contain keywords. Thanks for your time and goodbye for now.