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Famous fail idea that has never come true

Jon Lax

Jon Lax, Director of Product Design for Facebook recently said that with the current trend of technology, we are slowly moving away from the concept of websites and investing time in designing the web pages. The trend and practice is moving towards working on digital designs to solve the problems faced while navigation or content discovery instead of purely aesthetic values.” “Such approach will enhance the engagement level and empower the smaller businesses into straight away setting up for example a Facebook page and build up an audience rather than building it up from scratch without any technical skills. This will help them focus on their business rather than worrying about the backend.”

“Epnet comments to this below and we state that you don’t need technical skills to run your own website platform but you need to change web design and change the way you use Facebook:”


What to do if you have a website is to keep it running however it needs to change to a much more social platform in our opinion. If you use WordPress, as an example, you don’t need any more technical skills than you do on Facebook. It comes with all the social technology required to do this. Your visitors can sign up to become members, make comments on your posts and you are able to update and publish content whenever you wish. Add images instantly and every post you make builds interest in your brand and adds credibility to search engines which will index your content so that people can search and find your website easily. The point is you end up with your own “Facebook” as your website will become a social interactive one. The strength of building your web design around social media will add to your company website rather than someone else’s in other words your website VALUE will get higher rather than Facebook which you don’t own and they can remove your anytime they wish. Why build THEIR brand when you can build your own on the web? Many people are talking about doing away with company websites but you need your website now even more to build your business.

If you want to you are able to assign your web agency to update the website daily as they currently do on Facebook you can stop that and direct them to update your website. Remember you own this material which appears on your website currently if you use Facebook you don’t own this material although you may have spent thousands of Rands a month to have it updated.


Currently you rely on the audience that is already on Facebook to “LIKE” your page and interact but why not use Facebook to attract your audience to your website such as writing an article putting the intro on Facebook then tell people to click here for more information which directs them back onto your website. You now have the most powerful single content source relying on both the Facebook audience as well as the Search Engines like Google attracting more interest and pointing them directly to your website. You end up with more brand for your buck with a list of your visitors addresses, telephone numbers and anything else you may wish to collect. Your results can be tracked more efficiently you are able to track via an email message how many visitors you had on your website “yesterday” this ensures you that your visitors are looking at articles or not. Your strategy of your content may change over time to ensure you are writing the right thing that suits you audience. All of this content change on your website gives you value and is the critical change to web design for the future of brands. It is not about using Facebook to market your company it is about using Facebook to send people to your own social media platform.