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Surge in live streaming of the Conference industry in South Africa

Surge in live streaming in the Conference industry graph

Epnet Live recently streamed the SAACI CONGRESS

 (is the recognised umbrella body of the Conference and Meetings Industry in Southern Africa) and found that the trend is to more widespread promotion of conferences amongst its members to deliver open streams of the event to a more widespread audience by using webcasting.

Upsurge in web casting in the conference industry

Over the last few months this trend has become apparent to Epnet as we have seen an upward growth in live conference streaming. We have successfully streamed the ICTD conference via the Hyatt in Johannesburg, the ERLN Conference from Pretoria, The Competition Commission public hearings from various locations around the country including Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. The City of Tshwane Capital address from Freedom Park in Pretoria, and the China-Africa one day conference workshop from Johannesburg.


Reasons why streaming a conference has become important

Objectives have varied for these conferences to live stream events from marketing promotion attracting interest in their message, to inform their members and sponsors, to excite the various target markets and to save costs by reducing the number of people physically attending importantly as overseas guests are very expensive to accommodate.


Longer exposure of a conference

A conference runs over a short duration of just a number of days but the interest created lasts for years on the web where conference organisers display a recording of the live video on their websites and usually on YouTube and Facebook as well. This creates long term exposure and greater interest for the society or company.

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Our live streaming service was born out of the need to satisfy the demand for conference streaming since its inception. We know that you would like to reach the broadest number of attendees that are online. We market you’re presentation on social media and provide all the tools including cameras, vision mixers, and WiFi LTE broadband as well as on stage lighting, which is often neglected by our competitors; as well as audio feeeds to make your debate and presentation quality better than you thought possible. Costs come down as more people use our services so that you can take advantage of the Surge in live streaming for the Conference industry in South Africa.
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