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Video Communication and dissemination of the corporate message

Epnet Live Streaming and What is Corporate Communication?

Sustainable video communication is essential for healthy organizations

The mission of the specialization in Corporate Communication is inspired by the belief that sustainable communication is essential for healthy organizations. This sustainability needs to be established within a context that is characterized by two fields of tension. Firstly, there is the tension between the organization and its environment (e.g. issues of positioning, reputation and strategy). Secondly, there is the tension of keeping things running smoothly within an organization where a broad range of interests are at stake (e.g. those of employees, different departments and locations).

Who is responsible for driving Corporate Communications?

Most often, it is the marketing and communications team, which maintains control over the messaging that appears in company materials, online, in sales proposals, on signs, buildings and vehicles, and in media coverage. The executive staff are also responsible for corporate communications, since for most businesses, the truest messaging comes from the top. There was a time when companies faced a list of communication challenges they needed to address: convey unified messages, deliver training, build stronger teams, boost efficiency and facilitate personal executive-employee communication.

All businesses struggle with communication. Getting the right messages across to customers is a constant challenge, but finding a way to communicate between departments, with external stakeholders, and with investors is a whole other issue — and one that we all deal with. And more and more companies see online video solutions as a cost-effective, time-efficient way to tackle these challenges.

•The best video communications, whether delivered from boardrooms or auditoriums, start with solid technical planning
•Unified messaging has an immense impact on employee interaction and engagement
•You’ll increase your reach and relevance while saving time and money
•Using video for training boosts efficiency and quality of training, no matter when or where it’s viewed

Communication live streaming via Mobile devices to all employees

The growing mobile business environment is fuelling interest in enterprise streaming solutions to enable the distribution of video to mobile devices. Mobility presents challenges for generating and managing content in the multiple video formats required to ensure compatibility with a growing array of devices. Additionally, platform solutions must simplify content management and security and optimize video flow over constrained wireless networks. Corporate video production is beneficial in all types of business. Because of this, businesses are able to convey information to the public without hassle because the video will speak of everything that will be easy for the people to understand. When your business isn’t that successful, then, you need to try a strategy that will help you improve your business’ performance. A corporate video production will help you in improving your business performance through creating videos that will help promote your business properly and successfully and be able to communicate your message to the market.