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Watch Soweto funeral Live streaming video funerals in Johannesburg

Video: Recent live video recording of a funeral in Soweto Johannesburg

Live stream a funeral so that people who cannot attend watch the Service live on the web!

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Remembering Loved Ones
Recording a loved ones funeral can provide a dignified way of allowing friends to view the funeral from the home over the Internet. Epnet live streaming company goes out to the funeral location and films a live stream so friends and family who can’t make it to the physical event are able to safely watch it happening live. This helps the beloved ones who may be in different parts of the country to attend the funeral over the web. Losing a loved one is one of the most awkward experiences a person can endure, (the video was taken during a sand storm in Soweto).

Yet, this is what is inevitable for us all. A live stream video of the burial in Soweto can give you everlasting peace. You can remember your loved one forever.
At some time or another we will have to face this reality, and then it strikes most of us how valuable time, loved ones and life is. Allowing the grieving process to start by giving advice and acting with care and assisting people that go through this phase of life by understanding what is needed by grieving families. It takes a special funeral service who have been well established and understand the grieving process amongst the beloved family and friends.

Top 8 list Compare Funeral Directors that service Soweto

Funeral services who are sympathetic and support the family every step of way and ensure a proper and dignified send-off for the deceased.

List of Funeral Directors and Services:

Funeral Directors in Soweto Avalon Cemetery Soweto funeral 14 September 2015 Tshabuse Street, Soweto, 1803, South Africa

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While issues are rare… due to the nature of the internet, we can never guarantee a sold internet signal of course but we do have the latest device that bonds Vodafone 4G, MWeb 4G as well as 5G and it can also bond internet location using alternative 5GHz Wi-Fi which is a short range, networking system that operates in the five-gigahertz radio band. The primary differences between the two frequencies are the range (coverage) and bandwidth (speed) that the bands provide. The 2.4 GHz band provides coverage at a longer range but transmits data at slower speeds. The 5 GHz band provides less coverage but transmits data at faster speeds. Epnet have these options when considering live streaming at any location we need to provide live streaming a funeral.

Some churches have no signal from any network. If there is no signal in the Church for Funeral Streaming we also have an outdoor mast and we try and find the best provider for the area either Vodafone 4g or MWEB and now we can bond these together if needed.